Art of Tabla is available to teach and perform at your school, yoga class, studio project, dance performance or private event.


Join us every Sunday from 3 PM to 4 PM at Surya Records for a group Tabla Workshop.  Only $10 per seat.  Please join our Meetup Group!

Subjects covered in class include:

  • History of Tabla
  • Language of Tabla
  • Sound Resonance
  • Harmonic Overtones
  • Hand /Finger Control
  • Duality, Reciprocation VS Control
  • Body Posture and Asanas
  • Shubdh Yoga / Pranayama
  • Tabla Rhythms, Focus on 3, 4
  • Numbers: Time Cycles
  • Dynamics: Ghosting VS Accent
  • Finger Techniques
  • Composition & Repertoire
  • Improvisation VS Steady Beat
  • Tuning Tabla with Tuning Hammer
  • Construction of Tabla
  • Tabla Maintenance
  • How to Practice Tabla